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Address and bank Account number
Bank of America #334016776759
AxumAalumni Association
C/O Helen Behon
613 Columbus Ave #7

Boston, MA 02118

association is to encourage the people of Axum to participate in the development activities of their area to achieve their goals, to share academic and developmental information, and discuss issues of common interest among members. Information exchange and issues discussed on Axum Alumni Associationshall include social, economical and cultural topics relevant to members, schools, and students of Axum and its environs

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Axum preparatory High school new building. Built and inaugurated on November 28th 2014 by Axum Alumni Association members and supporters!

617-233-4042, Contact Hagos Teffera/>

Summary of AAA Meeting Minutes in Minnesota
On January 28, 2012 I had the honor to visit Minnesota’s twin cities for an AAA branch meeting. I was able to meet with AAA members and supporters of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The experience was one to remember. The purpose of this meet in Minnesota was to convert our dedicated supporters from Minnesota to be official members of AAA. This mission was met and we were able to accomplish newly converted members to AAA.

Abebe Teklemariam

4th Axum Alumni Annual Fundraiser in Las Vegas Report
All Axumites arrived in Las Vegas Tuesday June 22, 2010. In the morning of Wednesday June 23, 2010 there was a meeting held discussing about present and future projects, plans for fundraising and membership fees and dues.Mayor Hagos presented the current stages of the laboratory being built in Axum. He also discussed the flow of drinking water in Axum and what is needed to improve the water conditions there. Click here to read more  
Tigrinya poem article to AAA "Entertainment Message" BY Dr. Tekeste
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Successful visit by the mayor of Axum- Ato Hagos Gebrewahid
Day 1:- June 23, 2010
The Mayor of Axum Ato Hagos Gebrewahid was invited by Axum Alumni to be a guest of honor and speaker in the association’s 4th re-union in Las Vegas. Click here to read more

As part of the College’s growing partnership with Aksum University in Ethiopia, the Office of International Studies hosted a lunch on campus featuring Ato Hagos Gebrewahid, mayor of Aksum (commonly spelled Axum) on Monday.The partnership officially began in March 2009, and most recently included a book drive that collected seven tons of books to benefit Aksum University.

City of Axum Park Improvements Groundbreaking Denver Co June 28-2010

Dear Fellow Axum Alumni Association Members and Supporters,
We are pleased to share our recent news and milestones achieved during our four years of subsistence. The Axum high school, our current project has the ground floor completed. We are very proud to be done with Phase I. This would not have been possible without your endless support and donations. We want to thank all of the AAA supporters and members for your dedication and continuous efforts towards this much needed project. The association currently has about $30,000 net in the bank. The association is planning to continue with the building of the first and second floor.
Furthermore, the amount we have will not be enough to complete the laboratory. In order to continue this project successfully, we need your continued support and donations. It is our responsibility and dedication to Axum that is needed throughout this process. You have made this association what it is today and for that we are most grateful. Without the members of the association we would not have AAA or the drive to make this project in Axum a part of our lives.
The children of Axum are depending on us to have a new, updated high school of their own; A school that will have 21st century computers, science labs, a library, learning materials, and a well-rounded education. We ask you to continue your humanitarian spirits and uplift each other and others to continue this endless effort towards the Axum High School. As members we need to bring forth more members and spread the word about our Association and what we are trying to accomplish. The more we share with others and the more members we have the stronger our association will be and the more monetary supplement we will have to complete our laboratory.
Any amount you are able to contribute to this project will be more than helpful. Your donation will directly give hope and open many doors to the children of Axum. We guarantee every donated penny will be spent for the intended purpose. With your continued support we hope to complete the following:
• Start construction on the first and second floor
• Equip the laboratory with much needed materials and labs
• Bring hope to the children of Axum and its environs, for a brighter more literate future

Our 5th Anniversary fundraising event will be held on Sunday June 26, 2011 in Denver, CO. We hope you can join us for an unforgettable celebration and reunion with all AAA members and supporters. This will be a wonderful time to meet with old friends and people that are supporting the same cause.

We are asking for your donation and support towards this great cause. Please send whatever you can afford. Any amount given is much appreciated. We are anxious and excited to meet our goal this year, but that is not possible unless we come together and donate what we can to meet our objective. Please check one of the following amounts with your check included and mail it to the below address or deposit the money into the AAA Bank of America account listed below.
$1000___    $750____ $500____ $250____ $100____ Other$____
Abebe Teklmariam Chair man

Bank of America #334016776759
AxumAalumni Association
C/O  613 Columbus Ave #7
Silver Boston, MA 02118

  Axum High school Laboratory Complex
(Proposed Building Plan)
Financing By: Axum Alumni Association

On September 03, 2006, Axumite in North America made history. At the initiation of few
courageous individuals, Axumite from various parts of the country gathered in Denver, Colorado to establish Axum Alumni Association (AAA). The objective of this association is mainly to improve quality of education in Axum and its environs by providing material and financial support. AAA is a charity based non-political, non-profit and non-governmental association which is registered under section 501© (3) of the US Internal Revenue code.
During AAA’s 1st Anniversary in Washington D.C, AAA members and its supporters voted to contribute $1000.00 each towards financing a $2.5 Million (EB) multi purpose laboratory complex. To date, the AAA board has made several activities towards accomplishing this goal. It has made initial contact with the stake holders, acquired a site, formed a sub-committee and opened bank account as part of its project activities. The building design is now complete and the association is in a process of sending money and selecting qualified contractor to begin construction.
The site for the proposed laboratory complex was selected in collaboration with local engineers, city and school administration to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. The proposed G+2 multi purpose laboratory building is designed to accommodate 464 students with a potential to expand in to G+ 3 building complex for an additional capacity of 200 students. The building will be constructed in to two phases. The initial phase will includes a G+2 building which will house state of the art multi discipline laboratories such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer labs along with a class room, assembly and reference area/library. The final phase will add more class room spaces to accommodate the special needs of Axum high school students. Building Layout and Floor Plan Ground Floor: Individually designed Laboratory rooms Biology Lab: Capacity for 46 students along with reference area/Library Chemistry Lab: Capacity for 48 students along with reference area/Library

First Floor: Individually designed Computer lab
Capacity for 52 students along with reference area/Library

Second Floor :Class Rooms and Assembly Room
                          Three Class Rooms @40/Room: Capacity for 120 students
Assembly Room: Capacity for 198 students

Third Floor: Class Rooms
Five Class Rooms @40/Room:  Capacity for 200 students

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Message To All Axum Alumni member, family and friend from Regional state of Tigray housing Development agency.
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The old city through the eye of a photographer

Photographed by Mulegata w/mariam

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